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New Product Launched at EuMW London: 5G Communication Extenders (FCE)
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Farran - Frequency Extensions (FEV) | Calibration

In our last video, we covered the FEV and Keysight Technologies PNA-X setup. Now, let's dive into the standard calibration process to transition measurements from PNA-X ports to FEV waveguide ports. Calibration is crucial for removing systematic errors and ensuring accurate results Need assistance? Our technical support team is here to help via our website or customer portal.


5G Communication Extenders Evolution - Product Customization | Capabilities

The evolution of FCE showcases Farran's expertise with over 45 years of experience, Farran's manufacturing capabilities, including the new MRSI 705 machine, are equipped for any scale. Contact Farran to discuss your millimeter wave product ideas and take your company to the next level. Farran: Making millimeter-wave design and manufacturing simple!


Farran - Frequency Extensions (FEV) | Applications

🚀 Elevate Your Frequency Capabilities with FEV Solutions! Looking to push the boundaries of your Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) to new heights? Look no further than the FEV family – your ultimate solution for extending frequency ranges and unlocking unparalleled measurement possibilities!


Farran - Test & Measurement | Capabilities

Did you know that at Farran, we possess the capability to test in-house, all our millimetre wave and sub-terahertz cutting-edge products, systems, and sub-systems, including our 5G and 6G generation products? This commitment to excellence doesn't stop at manufacturing; it extends to every stage of product development.


Farran - Customer Portal | Product Registration Process

Discover the process of registering your Farran product using our dedicated Customer Portal. Gain exclusive access to comprehensive details about your products, such as: - Supplementary Test Results, Test Data, and Calibration Data - Warranty Information for your purchased items - Real-time Repair Status updates - Tracking for Product Manufacturing and Order Progress.


Farran - Low Noise & Power Amplifiers | Manufacturing

We invite you to explore the entire process of manufacturing Power & Low Noise Amplifiers at Farran. Our amplifiers are available in two categories: standard and custom-built. For further details, please visit our website at www.farran.com


Farran - Customer Portal | Registration Process

A new and effective way to stay up to date with all aspects of Farran's products, to speak directly with our Chief Technology Officer, Product Desgner, Director of Sales or Head of Engineers at any time and to access after sale information. Accessing the Customer Portal through www.farran.com/portal.


Farran - D-band Frequency Extenders for a PNA-X (EuMW 2023)

🇩🇪 One of our demonstrations at the European Microwave Week this year is our D-band Frequency Extenders for a PNA-X. 📈 It extends the frequency range of the PNA-X standard frequency (26.5 GHz) up to 110-170 GHz. Visit us at the booth 486 to talk more about mmWave solutions, it’ll be a pleasure to help your company to grow and improve your products.


Farran - FMCW Mixer - 120-150GHz - Design & Development

The master student Théo Denis, our former 6 month intern, had designed a D-band mixer for our FMCW Radar Front Ends, guided by our engineering team. The purpose of this component is to extend the conventional 77 GHz frequency range to the D-band range, the mixer developed by Théo achieved RF bandwidth of 120-150GHz.


Farran - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are fundamental principles of how Farran operates, including brainstorming sessions to create new solutions to ensure Farrans position at the forefront of mm-wave development


Farran - Progress Evolution of Customized Design Products

One of Farran’s core strengths is the ability to meet complex technical challenges by providing leading edge Millimetre Wave Solutions. We can fully support you by designing & manufacturing a bespoke, highly integrated, low cost product, ready to manufacture in volume.


Farran - Customized Product Evolution

At IMS 2023 Exhibition, in San Diego, we presented the amazing evolution of one of our customized Frequency Extenders which took us and our customer on a product journey over a number of years.


Farran - Communication Extenders

At IMS 2023 Exhibition, in San Diego, we presented the amazing evolution of one of our customized Frequency Extenders which took us and our customer on a product journey over a number of years.


Farran - International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2023)

#IMS2023 WAS A SUCCESS! We were delighted to share with you our millimeter wave solutions. We demonstrated some of our products such as our Multipliers, Amplifiers, Mixers, Passive Imaging & Radiometer, our VNA 6G Frequency Extenders and showed the Evolution of our 5G Frequency Communication Extenders.


Farran - Frequency Extenders Heads for VNA (FEV) | Manufacturing

The Communication Extenders are an unique custom design, dedicated up- and down-converter that is compliant with the recent 5G 3GPP release 17 millimeter wave frequency range. The module covers the 24.5 – 52.6 GHz of 5G band and it can be used as frequency extender for communication test equipment.


Farran - Radar FMCW-K-0001 | Applications

The FMCW Radar Front Ends are used in many applications such as Motorway Traffic Management, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Runway Foreign Object Detection, Ground Traffic Management, Aircraft Collision Avoidance and Obstacle Detection, for example.


Farran - Radar FMCW- K-0001 | Manufacturing

The Farran Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) modules are designed to offer the end user flexibility to integrate with their own swept FMCW source & IF post-processing systems. They are based on a GaAs MMIC chipset, which offers wide bandwidth in a small outline package with three output power levels available as standard.


Farran - Production Floor Overview

We would like to invite you for a quick tour around some workstations on our production floor.


Farran - 5G Chip Test System Custom Design Project

When developing their 5G chipsets, our customers trust Farran’s wealth of mm-wave knowledge and expertise to enable high fidelity prototype testing in their development labs as well as to facilitate fast, accurate and low-cost large-scale measurements in a production environment. From prototype to fully integrated solutions, Farran’s know-how enables customers to develop, test, and modify their chipset designs with full confidence in the accuracy of the results to ensure they bring ‘Best in Class’ products early to the 5G market.


Farran's 10 Step Custom Design Process

At Farran we thrive on meeting complex challenges with leading edge mmwave solutions for a wide variety of industries. Farran can support you by designing and manufacturing a bespoke product to meet your requirements using our thorough 10-Step Custom Design Process.


Farran - 60 GHz Communication Link Test System

Farran's 60 GHz Communication Link Test System with Michael Crowley, Principal Engineer


About Farran - The Irish Millimeter Wave Technology Company

From humble beginnings, Farran was formed by research driven professors from University College Cork. More than forty years later, Farran is now at the forefront of millimeter wave technology. Serving emerging and mature markets, our products operate in frequencies up to 500 GHz.


Introducing CobaltFx - Farran and Copper Mountain Technologies

Farran and Copper Mountain Technologies’ CobaltFx is a dedicated solution for a banded millimeter wave network analysis in 18 - 110 GHz range. The solution consists of three dedicated systems for 18-54 GHz, 50-75 GHz, 60-90 GHz and 75-110 GHz bands.


Farran - This Is Who We Are

As a trusted innovation partner to start-ups and billion-dollar companies, our extensive experience, ingenuity, and high-tech facility ensures that you will remain at the forefront of emerging technologies. Our dedicated, highly knowledgeable and skilled millimeter wave team will support you with critical, game-changing technology that enables enterprises to meet and exceed their objectives on time and on budget.

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