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Farran's Custom Designs

Farran is a trusted innovation partner to billion-dollar companies, system integrators, and research organizations worldwide. We are committed to the highest standards of quality management from initial quotation through to final testing, packaging, and delivery. We thrive on solving complex challenges with leading edge solutions that work the first time, every time. To ensure we meet your standards, we use a 10-Step Custom Design Process.






















Needs Assessment

From the outset, you will meet with the Farran Sales and/or Engineering team(s) to discuss the technical specifications, form, fit and functional details of the proposed product. We also clarify your timeline and budget. After a review of your key requirements, our Sales team will provide initial feedback about the proposed system architecture, specifications, and projected timelines for this custom designed solution.


In-depth Project Planning

In follow-on meetings with you, we refine and agree on the project scope, system specifications, and deliverables. An internal design engineering review is initiated, with feedback to the sales team on the proposed deliverables. This helps us create and formalize a binding quotation for you.



Based on the feedback from the Farran Design Team, our Sales team generates a firm quotation for you, which remains valid for 30 days. Once you’ve reviewed it, we discuss your comments and questions to ensure we have provided all the relevant information to make an informed purchasing decision.


Order Placement

Once you are satisfied with our quotation, you then place your Purchase Order with us. We give PO confirmation details to our customers within 24 hours of PO receipt.


Product Design

  • – RF/mmwave design.
  • – PC boards design.
  • – CAD Design (Mechanical Housing).


Design Review

Internal and/or external. We conduct a design review and you are welcome to join us at this point. We discuss all the product design elements and to ensure that all your product performance, size, and interfaces requirements are met. This is our ?Form, Fit and Functionality? stage. Finally, we issue a bill of materials for our procurement team to order.


Product Manufacture

100% in-house at Farran. When all the parts are delivered by our suppliers, we commence a 100% in-house product assembly. Our experienced technicians perform all substrate, surface components, bare die, and diode assembly. We use ribbon and wire bonding techniques to ensure appropriate RF and DC signal connections.


Product Testing

100% in-house at Farran. Every product we deliver is fully tested in-house. We have a wide range of equipment for electrical and RF as well as environmental testing, and extensive experience with a range Test & Measurement techniques. Each product is rigorously tested to ensure it meets and exceeds your specifications. We also provide full set of test data with each product that we ship to you.


Product Packaging and Shipping

Once our production team has verified that your product meets all your specifications, we ensure we carefully package it to ensure it arrives securely and safely at your location. To accomplish this, we use the most robust ESD compliant packaging available, and we ship with our preferred (or yours) couriers so it arrives safely, on time, to your specified location. You are immediately provided with a tracking number so you can monitor its shipping progress.


Post-sales Support and System Integration

We are deeply commitment to customer service and always follow up after confirming delivery at your location. We verify your expectations have been fully met and that you are satisfied with all aspects of your product. We also allocate a Farran key account manager for follow-on communications, and we are available to answer any and all questions you may have.

Custom Product Example


5G Chip Design Project

When developing their 5G chipsets, our customers trust Farran’s wealth of mm-wave knowledge and expertise to enable high fidelity prototype testing in their development labs. Farran’s know-how enables customers to develop, test, and modify their chipset designs, with full confidence in the accuracy of the results to ensure they bring ‘Best in Class’ products early to the 5G market.


Early Automotive Radar Proof of Concept (Ford)

Farran was at the leading edge of automotive radar development. We designed and supplied early proof of concept Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar front ends to leading automotive manufacturers that helped them fast-track their radar development programs. Farran also provided guidance and expertise on numerous aspects of their early radar development work.


R&D work with European Space Agency

Over the last two decades, Farran has been involved in several research and development projects sponsored by European Space Agency. The objectives of these initiatives were to develop novel design techniques, manufacturing technologies, and processes for millimeter wave and sub-terahertz receivers along with atmospheric sensing front-ends. Farran has partnered with academic institutions (Tyndall National Institute, Cork) as well as commercial entities (United Monolithic Semiconductors) to develop mixer and multiplier gallium arsenide (GaAs) membrane circuits operating in the 170 – 380 GHz range. This work involved designing demonstrators with optimised and novel diode topologies, and manufacturing devices using hot embossing techniques. It also included various wafer post processing techniques such as beam lead incorporation, wafer thinning and window etching. A variety of doublers and sub-harmonic mixer circuits has been successfully developed and tested, with some published results available here.


Schottky membrane technology for sub-mmwave applications.


Sub-millimeter Wave 183 GHz and 366 GHz MMIC membrane sub-harmonic mixers

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