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Welcome to Farran's FAQs Portal

Where is Farran based?

Farran is located in Cork, Ireland.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally, however certain countries will need to apply for an export licence. Contact us for further information.

Can you make changes to Farran's existing products to suit the needs of my company?

Yes almost 50% of our business revolves around designing and manufacturing bespoke products. We pride ourselves in being extremely adaptable and flexible when it comes to our customer’s needs. See our 10 step custom design process for more information.

What does Farran offer?

As recognised industry experts, we create new products and develop solutions to extend the capabilities of new and existing customers’ equipment. We strive to always be on the leading edge of millimeter wave developments, serving emerging and mature markets, solving today’s challenges and helping to enable tomorrow’s technology.

What industries do Farran cater for?

Farran caters for six different sectors with our many systems, sub-systems and components. These industries include:
1. Test and Measurement
2. 5G & Wireless Communications
3. Automated Test Equipment
4. Intelligent Threat Detection
5. Intelligent Transportation Systems
6. Emerging Technologies, Science & Research

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