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New Product Launched at EuMW London: 5G Communication Extenders (FCE)
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Want to expand your Vector Network Analyzer capabilities? Looking for an exceptional amazing tool?

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📈 The Frequency Extension series will expand your existing Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) capabilities so you can conduct industry leading millimeter wave S-parameters measurements within the range of 40-500GHz.
🎯 These modules connect to your existing test ports and leverage the inherent microwave network analyzer’s performance and features to display all measurement port S-parameters: Two measurement architecture available: 1 and 2-way /2-port extender configurations are available. Waveguide calibration kits are available as separate accessories.
👉 Find out how Farran can help your team extend its reach at https://farran.com/farran-products/frequency-extension-heads-for-vector-network-analyzers-fev/

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