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Farran Launch New Customer Portal.

Press Release: 26.05.2022

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At Farran, we deliver on our company promise of “Millimeter wave solutions, made simple” by working together to create innovative products and solutions to meet and exceed our customer’s needs. Over our 44 years in business, our customers have played a pivotal role in the company we are today. We saw an opportunity to create a platform that would allow our customers to have 24/7 access to all of their product-specific information in one place. After a year of development behind the scenes, together with our engineers and web developers, we are delighted to be launching Farran’s Customer Portal, created with both existing and future customers in mind.


Anyone interested in learning more about Farran’s products can have access to ‘Level 1’ product information, such as Product Family Manuals, 2D & 3D Drawings, Product set up & installation videos, Export License Process & Requirements, Product Warranty Information along with the opportunity to request a quote and technical support.


Existing customers will automatically have access to ‘Level 1’ content and can then register their Farran products at ‘Level 2’, which will provide them with exclusive access to their product-specific manuals, product-specific test data, product-specific warranty information and product repair status.


Shutterstock 609414131 2Tomasz Waliwander, Chief Technology Officer stated; “At Farran, we are 100% focused on maximizing the value that our products and service bring to our customers. We believe that the Customer Portal will allow us to achieve an industry-leading end-to-end customer value chain.”


Shutterstock 609414131 10@2xAoife Keane, Marketing Executive commented; “We are delighted to launch this new customer portal, as an industry-first solution built with our customers at its core. As an Irish company with a global customer base, we want to make instantaneous access to product specific insights the norm in our industry. Through this new portal, we are empowering our customers by providing them with the most up-to-date product information.”


Create your account and register your products on Farran’s Customer Portal today www.farran.com/portal


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