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Farran Launches New Website and Corporate Re-Branding

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With the recent launch of their new corporate re-branding in November, the company is now known as Farran, rather than Farran Technology, has a new corporate identity. Farran’s new logo pays homage to the old logo form with a modern twist that acknowledges Farran as the forward-thinking millimeter wave company that it is. Farran is a world leader in innovative millimeter wave solutions used in Test & Measurement, Radar & Imaging, Communications, Research and Aerospace industries internationally.


As part of the virtual European Microwave Week last month, Farran launched their new website which had been a work in progress for the past year to make usability improvements to cater for  for both engineers and managers.  Filled with a brand-new suite of datasheets and complimentary 360-degree product photos, users will now have the option to search for the best millimeter wave components, systems and subsystems by Solutions, the industries we cater for, or by specific product. The new website will be updated on a regular basis with news of product launches, essential client information and corporate milestones. 


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Martin Fehilly, Farran’s Managing Director stated,

“Farran has closed out its 2020 fiscal year with results well ahead of financial projections. We are very pleased to debut our new company branding and a new website this month.”




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Tom Scanlon, Director of Sales & Marketing, commented,

“The Farran website now provides more extensive information on the market applications of our solutions, technical data sheets and detailed information about our 10-step custom design process. The comprehensive website both showcases the depth and breadth of Farran’s capabilities and allows prospects and customer to tap into an enormous library of technical information.”



Download our press release here: Farran Website Press Release

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