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Our New Sub-Harmonic Mixers (SPM) revolutionize RF applications from 26.5 GHz to 500 GHz

🌟 Unlocking the Potential of Millimeter Wave Technology with Farran’s Sub-Harmonic Mixers (SPM).

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🚀 Our Sub-Harmonic Mixers (SPM) revolutionize RF applications from 26.5 GHz to 500 GHz. Whether it’s fundamental (RF – LO), sub-harmonic (RF – 2xLO), or harmonic mixers (RF – NxLO), Farran delivers top-notch performance in compact packages using planar Schottky diodes.


🔍 What makes Sub-Harmonic Mixers stand out? They harness the second harmonic of the local oscillator (LO) to blend with the RF signal, paving the way for innovative applications in radiometric sensors, atmospheric sensing, imaging, radar systems, and more!


📡 As discussions heat up around 6G and the sub-THz spectrum, Sub-Harmonic Mixers emerge as key enablers for wide-bandwidth communication systems. Their potential to drive future technology is limitless!


💡 Ready to delve deeper into the world of Sub-Harmonic Mixers? Let’s explore the fundamental diode configurations and unleash the power of millimeter wave technology together!



Access our website for more information and to contact us https://farran.com/farran-products/sub-harmonic-mixers-spm/


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