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Farran Technology is included in #IrelandINC250

Ireland is currently the 9th largest Foreign Director Investor (FDI) in the US.
In 2022 Farran was recognized by Ireland INC as part of the
250 corporations that most engage business economically with the US


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ireland is currently the 9th largest foreign director investor (#fdi) in the us.

In 2022, Ireland INC has included Farran Technology as part of the 250 most significant Irish corporations that contribute economically with the United States. Contribution that transcends the economy aspect to the historical and cultural connection that link both countries.

The Communications, Corporate and Government Affairs networking provided by Ireland INC engage in business activities for a distinct range of industries including manufacturing, technology, financial services, food and beverage/FMCG, life sciences, tourism and services with the objective of maximizing the commercial potential of Irish Business across US.

Following data provided by Enterprise Ireland, which is government organisation responsible for providing funds and exporting assistance in world markets, the total Irish Foreign Direct Investment into the US was $240 billion in 2022, with over 100k American employees affiliated to Irish owner’s companies and almost 900 Irish business exporting to US every year, including Farran Technology.

Present in the US market for over 30 years, Farran provides products to customers in research and academia space as well as numerous industry sectors. Exporting to US a wide range of standard and bespoke test & measurement systems such as VNA and 5G & 6G Wireless Communications extenders, signal generator and spectrum analyzer extenders as well as noise figure analyze extenders.

In addition to that, the tech company supplies radar and sensing front-ends as long with many components such amplifiers, mixers and multipliers. The systems and components are designed to serve applications that require to operate up to 500 GHz. Farran has been on the leading edge of millimeter wave development with a global network including bases in Ireland, the UK, Italy, China and more

The common ancestral ties and shared values between US and Ireland support the positive socio-economic engagement that benefits both cultures in areas such as commerce, culture, scientific research and education. Over 33 million Americans reported Irish ancestry, totalizing over 10% of the total US population.

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