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FMCW is a Solution that offers the ideal end user flexibility


TPost fmcwhe Farran Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) are modules designed to offer the end user flexibility to integrate with their own swept FMCW source & IF post processing systems. They are based on a GaAs MMIC chipset, which offers wide bandwidth in a small outline package with three output power levels available as standard.


These compact and lightweight modules are available in a range of frequencies, for example the 77GHz module takes an external swept LO input @9.625GHz & Internally multiply & condition for use as the transmit and local oscillator signals for the FMCW front end.


The resulting Intermediate Frequency (IF) is conditioned for gain and filtering as required. The IF also operates at an industry leading IF noise figure, especially in the frequency range below 500MHz.


Whether you operate in Perimeter Security & Threat Detection, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Collision Avoidance and Automotive Radar Testing space or work on other applications that use FMCW systems for spatial sensing, visit our FMCW front-ends product page.


Custom design options and system architectures are available, depending on your detailed requirements. Visit our Custom Design Page for more information. Farran offers technical support, help with installation and setup, maintenance, application and hardware support.


Visit our Social Media to watch the videos that shows the production of our FMCW.

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