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New Product Launched at EuMW London: 5G Communication Extenders (FCE)
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Farran - This Is Who We Are

As a trusted innovation partner to start-ups and billion-dollar companies, our extensive experience, ingenuity, and high-tech facility ensures that you will remain at the forefront of emerging technologies. Our dedicated, highly knowledgeable and skilled millimeter wave team will support you with critical, game-changing technology that enables enterprises to meet and exceed their objectives on time and on budget.


Introducing CobaltFx - Farran and Copper Mountain Technologies

Farran and Copper Mountain Technologies’ CobaltFx is a dedicated solution for a banded millimeter wave network analysis in 18 - 110 GHz range. The solution consists of three dedicated systems for 18-54 GHz, 50-75 GHz, 60-90 GHz and 75-110 GHz bands.


About Farran - The Irish Millimeter Wave Technology Company

From humble beginnings, Farran was formed by research driven professors from University College Cork. More than forty years later, Farran is now at the forefront of millimeter wave technology. Serving emerging and mature markets, our products operate in frequencies up to 500 GHz.


Farran - 60 GHz Communication Link Test System

Farran's 60 GHz Communication Link Test System with Michael Crowley, Principal Engineer


Farran's 10 Step Custom Design Process

At Farran we thrive on meeting complex challenges with leading edge mmwave solutions for a wide variety of industries. Farran can support you by designing and manufacturing a bespoke product to meet your requirements using our thorough 10-Step Custom Design Process.


Farran - 5G Chip Test System Custom Design Project

When developing their 5G chipsets, our customers trust Farran’s wealth of mm-wave knowledge and expertise to enable high fidelity prototype testing in their development labs as well as to facilitate fast, accurate and low-cost large-scale measurements in a production environment. From prototype to fully integrated solutions, Farran’s know-how enables customers to develop, test, and modify their chipset designs with full confidence in the accuracy of the results to ensure they bring ‘Best in Class’ products early to the 5G market.

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